LAMP_in_Ubuntu is more secure than XAMPP_in_Ubuntu

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LAMP_in_Ubuntu is more secure than XAMPP_in_Ubuntu

Postby aimwin » 10. April 2010 17:48

Dear all XAMPP GURU,

I have been using XAMPP since it is in Windows.
Now I used Ubuntu.

At Ubuntu forum, there have been some comment that XAMPP is not secured and should not be used for LIVE WEBSITE.
( )
and claiming LAMP install in UBUNTU, (desktop) is more secured.

Is this true or not.

I wrote in ... stcount=17

Now to me XAMPP is more secure than default LAMP installation in Ubuntu,
1. SINCE XAMPP has security check, and the XAMPP did not say after you enable security you cannot use as LIVE WEBSITE.
(=Dear XAMPP Gurus, please verify the above comment)

2. LAMP in default installation in UBUNTU,
I cannot find the security check function as "/opt/lampp/lampp security" of XAMPP.

I suspect that I may be wrong.
Can some GURU on LAMP please verify this and please give us the security check command or function or program to do that in LAMP in UBUNTU.

And please comment further why LAMP_in_Ubuntu is more secure than XAMPP_in_Ubuntu.
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Re: LAMP_in_Ubuntu is more secure than XAMPP_in_Ubuntu

Postby aimwin » 11. April 2010 13:39

One of the key staff in Ubuntu forum said in the post ... stcount=19
If you install the LAMP stack and mod_security, you will end up with a much more secure web site than if you use XAMPP.
Have a look at this
You will also learn more about how things work, as I understand it, XAMPP uses control panels, this really doesn't allow you to learn how the system works.
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Please help comment in the interest of the public.
I don't mean to look down or try to down grade any process or approach or software, but I need to clarify so the newbies and novice like me and other would know how, when and where to choose which package to use.

To me, for development purpose, ease of use and easy to install and maintain, XAMPP is the choice.

How ever for LIVE Web-server
which many small small business,
and individual,
who has limited resource, and knowledge (I look at the above apache mod-security website, and understand only the concept but not instruction).
it is our great concern that which way we should go.

And I would like to give a fair go to those who involve building XAMPP to help comment on the security matter of XAMPP Live Web-server application.
Thanks every one.
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