Storing the databases somewhere else

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Storing the databases somewhere else

Postby theresonant » 02. April 2010 11:38


I'd like to know if I can move the files of a database in another folder, while also allowing MySQL to access it. Currently, every database has it's folder in /opt/lampp/var/mysql/, but I'd like to have them stored somewhere else. Can this be done?

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Re: Storing the databases somewhere else

Postby Nobbie » 02. April 2010 12:29

You can move the data-Folder (which holds the databases), but you cannot move the dabase folders seperately to different folders.

The runtime option "datadir" determines the data folder of MySQL. Options may supplied via my.ini or via command line. The command line overrules my.ini

See the MySQL Docu for more info
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