Perl doesn't support thread?

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Perl doesn't support thread?

Postby maorui » 16. March 2010 10:32

I have a perl program running by/opt/lampp/bin/perl. I tried to multi-thread the program. But it reported an error message.

This Perl not built to support threads

Does this mean the perl comes with Xampp has no thread support even I install CPAN threads module?
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Re: Perl doesn't support thread?

Postby Tibetan » 21. March 2010 19:45

I have the same problem and I do not know how to install Perl with threads support under Lampp.

With /opt/lampp/bin/cpan, I have install threads-1.76.tar.gz and threads-shared-1.33.tar.gz but I only get [error] This Perl not built to support threads.

So, I think we should recompile Perl with threads support.

I am goin to think another way to solve my programing.

Anybody know about it?

Thanks for your help. Best regards.
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