prob in virtual hosting

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prob in virtual hosting

Postby shrikarwa » 15. March 2010 11:27

1--i have changed the contents of httpd-vhost.conf as following

DocumentRoot "/opt/lampp/virtual/"
<Directory "/opt/lampp/virtual/">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
AddType text/shtml .shtml
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml
AllowOverride All Order allow,deny
Allow from all

2--i have created index.html in /opt/lampp/virtual/ directory.
and also made following entry to /etc/hosts file

3-- i have removed comment from httpd.conf for line
Include /etc/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

now when i am writing URL as it shows me a windows asking for whether to SAVEor OPENWITH option (same window when we download some file.)

i am not able to find the problem

please help me
as soon as possible
thanking u in advance
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