php 4 for xampp 1.7.3a

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php 4 for xampp 1.7.3a

Postby lfway » 21. February 2010 13:40

Hello, help please!
How to add php 4.4.9 to xampp 1.7.3a for linux(ubuntu)?
Thank you.
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Re: php 4 for xampp 1.7.3a

Postby Altrea » 21. February 2010 16:15

php4 is end of life.
i recommend you to use php5 (5.2 or 5.3).
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Re: php 4 for xampp 1.7.3a

Postby MC10 » 21. February 2010 19:59

Just download it and use that as your php folder. Move the one in xampp somewhere else. (I'm not quite sure, I'm a Windows user mainly)
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Re: php 4 for xampp 1.7.3a

Postby syntax_error » 21. February 2010 22:10

Sorry, Windows practices usually don't work on *NIX, especially not in this case. PHP is distributed in source form.

Obviously the easiest option would be to stick with older XAMPP version (1.6.8a) and switch it to PHP 4 using lampp php4.

For downgrading PHP in the latest XAMPP, I see basically two options.

You can try to move PHP files from the older XAMPP, which - my guess - won't work due to different versions of libraries (unless you move those too) and configuration files.

Another tricky option is a compilation of PHP 4 against the latest XAMPP; the process is loosely similar to the PHP 5 compilation which I have described. You will probably have to use different configuration options, although I am not sure which (php-config-4.4.9 doesn't contain them). Also pay attention to cross-compile options in the HOWTO if you are compiling on 32-bit system.
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Re: php 4 for xampp 1.7.3a

Postby lfway » 22. February 2010 11:27

Thank you, syntax_error! It works)
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