Very newbie getting started question

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Very newbie getting started question

Postby iwaddo77 » 26. December 2009 10:36

Hi, I've searched the forum and cannot resolve my issue so have registered and I am posting here for the first time....

I have installed

* Installed & Ubuntu 9.10 on a dedicated hard disc
* Installed and confirmed Xampp is running OK

I have established that to run my own php I need to put the files in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp (I think) and this is where the problem lies - I do not seem to have the permissions I need to create files or folders.

Seems a little strange that I cannot access these areas so would be grateful for any help

Perhaps the question should be 'Where should I put my PHP scripts so I can run them?'

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Re: Very newbie getting started question

Postby ckosloff » 27. December 2009 22:24

What you are seeing is normal.
opt is not in your home but in root.
You have to login as root, or use sudo.
But, most importantly, you do NOT need to install PHP, that is included in XAMPP.
Try this in terminal:
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start
that will start PHP.
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