mySQL does not start

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mySQL does not start

Postby windom » 24. December 2009 09:37


I messed with /opt/lampp folder permissions a bit and mySQL does not start anymore. What folders need what permissions/ownership for it to work properly? And/or how could I get more informative error message instead of "Could not start mySQL!"? Thanks in advance!
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Re: mySQL does not start

Postby glitzi85 » 28. December 2009 21:24

If you just messed up the owner, then this should help:
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chown -R nobody:root /opt/lampp/var/mysql

if the permissions are also wrong, use those three commands:
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chmod 775 /opt/lampp/var/mysql
find /opt/lampp/var/mysql/ -type d -exec chmod 700 {} \;
find /opt/lampp/var/mysql/ -type f -exec chmod 660 {} \;

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