Redirect from a virtual server to secured.

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Redirect from a virtual server to secured.

Postby smckinnis » 22. December 2009 19:33

I brought up XAMPP to be able to support an https server. Everything works fine, but now I would like to redirect ALL requests from the old server to the new one. I made a virtual server for the old address, call it www:80. I made a redirect index.php in this virtual server root directory. This works fine, any request to www goes to swww. But then if I request a www/something, it cannot find the URL below www. I have tried numerous .htaccess tries like
Redirect permanent / https://swww
Redirect 301 / https://swww

But nothing works. I set the virtual up to accept the .htacess, but this is not working either. Any data in the root server gets served fine by the virtual server, so it looks like this web server on 80 works fine. But I need to have all requests to this space go to swww:443.

Otherwise the software works great.

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