Issues with vhosts that were added

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Issues with vhosts that were added

Postby ab2qik » 01. November 2009 21:44

Hello. Using xampp1.7.2/ubuntu Jaunty. Got issues with vhosts that were added.

Could someone pls take a look at this Vhost issue:
At the url: Typing localhost – This displays: http://localhost/xampp/splash.php
The link 'English' is clicked but goes nowhere?

At the url: Typing test – This displays: http://test/
This Vhost entry was Successfully displayed in the browser!

In the default Xampp setup, localhost displays like normal as it should. Problem is when adding a vhost entry as seen in the pastebin. Line numbers with edits in each file are below.
Edits made in httpd.conf
Ln:181 – DocumentRoot "/home/xam_serv/www" Ln:210 – <Directory "/home/xam_serv/www">

Edits made in httpd-vhosts.conf
Ln: 44 Ln: 62

Directry created here: /home/xam_serv/www

Files from /opt/lampp/htdocs/* were copied to /home/xam_serv/www

Thankyou for any feedback
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