How to reactivate MySQL ?

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How to reactivate MySQL ?

Postby Gyp » 30. October 2009 11:08


I'm not a good english speaker, sorry (I speak french). I got a similar problem than sukkia (5 october 2009). I tried to do what michiedo suggested in his reply, but I didn't success.

After I securized Xampp (for Linux 17.7.2 on Ubuntu 8.04) (/opt/lampp/lampp security), I securized MySQL so that it will "not accesible for the network". But in Statut, it appears afterward in red as DESACTIVED.

My double question is:
a) how can I reactivate MySQL?
b) Is it better to securize it with a password and let it accessible for the network?

Thanks for every answer,

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