Mysql database deactivated

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Mysql database deactivated

Postby sukkia » 15. October 2009 10:50

hi there.

I got last xampp version running on a centos 5.3 machine. Everything ok, but yesterday I noticed that in the xampp status Mysql database appers deactivated.
the problem is that mysql is running and I acnn access my db with phmyadmin and my db interact normally with my web page.

i tried to restart mysql and xampp but nothing changed. Php is pointing correctly to ph.ini....

Any suggestion?

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Re: Mysql database deactivated

Postby michiedo » 17. October 2009 17:56

just my 2 cents:
try "digging" the source of
/opt/lampp/share/lampp/status (the script invoked by "lampp satus")
and put some "echo" in it.
it could help you to discover why lampp thinks that mysql isn't running
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Re: Mysql database deactivated

Postby skuipers » 18. November 2009 11:51

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