PHP/ORACLE: oci8 problem on cluster environnement

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PHP/ORACLE: oci8 problem on cluster environnement

Postby tchaabid » 13. October 2009 13:23

I work in a cluster A and B under Linux (RHEL x86_64) where sharing of the Oracle database (oracle 10g 64 bits) is a
shared disk storage.
Oracle has been installed with the cluster A, then the config have been aporte cluster B
oracle detect and access the shared database. The cluster who is active takes control of the BD.
On both cluster runs an application that uses Oracle and its operation is going well so far using the
Cluster A and Cluster B. No problem on that score: The installation of the cluster has been made by another person than me.

For a need i developer I a new PHP web application that communicates with the same database and to do so as the web server using xampp and communication for oci8 PHP / oracle.
I do install xampp on cluster A and I enable oci8 without problem and my application is running to perfection.

On the Cluster B when I do the same to ensure the availability of my web application during a changeover, and
when I arrive on activating oci8 I have a problem and when I startup xammp I have message Eror:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/ opt/lampp/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/' - / opt / lampp / lib / instantclient / .10.1: ELF file data encoding not little-endian in Unknown on line 0 (retrieve the log file of xampp)

That would mean that my library for communication php / oracle is not operational. Yet my oracle is supposes to be the
same as when it is the cluster A and cluster B!! A forum has suggested using libriraie client provided
as parameter when activating oci8 instead to refer to the Oracle install, I did
but always the same, loading the library imposible!!
Why Oracle for the same do I link the cluster A and not on the cluster B?
There he will have an environment variable on the cluster B, which was not taken into account in its setting? what
explain that even when using the library of another client ca still not working!!

PS: for clustering Service guard for linux A.11.16 is use
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