Success on EEEPC - advice now desired on math

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Success on EEEPC - advice now desired on math

Postby bobsled » 09. October 2009 13:46

Well, in one hour I went from un-tarring the files to writing my first PHP ever.

So XAMPP definitely works on the EEEPC.

I had hoped to use a USB flash drive to store my content, and that part seems to be working correctly - for the moment, anyway.

I knew enough SQL to use phpmyadmin to set up a sample table. If necessary, I can make database-driven PHP.

However, I desire advice on how to best develop a body of mathematical equations in the system.

I plan to use the system as a wiki, if possible. I know that some people use PMwiki with a removable USB flash drive, and I had planned to follow that route.

I plan to learn PHP from tutorials such as

and try to supplement the PMWiki functions with customized PHP to display the special mathematical symbols.

Does that sound like a reasonable course of action, or I am overlooking obvious difficulties?

Ideally, if there were something like MathML or LaTeX available in PHP, that would work well.

Thanks for any advice.


The folks at: ... Main.Maths

seem to use something called "mimetex." Would this be convenient for XAMPP? I already have PMWiki working along with XAMPP.
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