Problems extracting Lammp to /opt folder

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Problems extracting Lammp to /opt folder

Postby si70 » 02. October 2009 11:18

As a total newcomer to Linux, open source and really anything other than MS I am struggling a bit. Could anyone advise on a few things. First I am trying to install XAMMP on Linux Mandriva Spring 2009. Mandriva is running on Sun Virtual Machine over XP. Install instructions say to extract Laamp to /opt directory which I assume is the one in root. Everytime I try I get an error message about insufficient permissions. I have looked to edit these but cannot do this either. I also had a the same problem with Ubuntu which was a clean installation on independant harddrive. It is probably really simple to someone in the know. Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated
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Re: Problems extracting Lammp to /opt folder

Postby Nobbie » 02. October 2009 11:30


Step 2: Installation
After downloading simply type in the following commands:

1. Go to a Linux shell and login as the system administrator root:


2. Extract the downloaded archive file to /opt:

tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.2.tar.gz -C /opt

Did you really follow these instructions, especially the step 1 "su"-Command (in order to login as the system administrator root)?
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