Possible problem with session

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Possible problem with session

Postby personalsoft_fabiano » 25. September 2009 19:42

Hi all,

I´m using xampp to run a wiki application (pmwiki), and it seems i´m having problem with php session management. I am asked for the page passowrd every time i visit a page, sometimes i have two type the same password three times in a single operation.

I reported this problem in pmwiki, and after many days tracking the problem, they suggested it could be a problem with php session settings (session.save_path or something else), and i also think it is probably related to php, but couldn´t find what.

Maybe this question should be post to php forum, but i think xampp should work with this application without the need of extra configurations.

I installed it in 2 linux (ubuntu and fedora) servers, and have the same problem on both. I didn´t change anything on default installation. I tried to uncomment the parameter "session.save_path", but it didnt´t work.

Do someone have a clue about what can cause this sort of problem? I couldn´t find anything usefull on apache or php logs...


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