downgrading to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2

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downgrading to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2

Postby imsael » 24. August 2009 16:57

I am using xampp on my computer to create webiste with joomla. Since I have the 1.7.2 version of xampp, my menus doesn'T appear anymore in my website.

I read that it's because joomla 1.5 doesn't support php 5.3 yet...How can I downgrade to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2 version.

Or I can I downgrade to php 5.2?

Thanks a lot for your support, I've been looking for hours to find an answer, but I can't find out anything...

I hope I'm writing at the right place...please don't tell me it's a question for a joomla forum! :)

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Re: downgrading to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2

Postby dmphotography » 29. August 2009 12:30

There's a couple of options:

If you're not too deep in that web design, simply remove XAMPP and then re-install the older 1.7.1 version.

Otherwise, you can make a backup copy of your current XAMPP files, then remove the /opt/lampp folder and all of it's contents, and install XAMPP 1.7.1 in it's place.

Then just copy your htdocs folder over.

There's more to it, but I'm not going to write a book not knowing exactly what all your options are.
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Re: downgrading to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2

Postby Stephen_81D » 04. September 2009 13:03

Is there No way to install PHP5.2 in xampp 1.7.2? xampp 1.7.2 seems to run much nicer from a USB key then 1.7.1 but I too would rather have PHPv 5.2 over PHPv 5.3

I tried just swapping out the php folders then running the xampp control application but it errors out, as I expected, but hoped I would be wrong
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Re: downgrading to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2

Postby Cutshallg » 01. October 2009 03:06

I ran into the same problem. I just want to download 1.7.1 though. Where can I find a safe download. I tried once and either had a virus or my anti-virus didn't like something in the file I downloaded. I am running the 64 bit version of Windows 7. Can you tell me where to find XAMPP 1.7.1?
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Re: downgrading to xampp 1.7.1 from 1.7.2

Postby Red Dragon » 03. October 2009 03:15

here is where you can download older vers. ... P%20Linux/
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