Undefined property: lastRSS::$cache_dir

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Undefined property: lastRSS::$cache_dir

Postby vigilantpa1adin » 23. August 2009 07:58

I have having a similar problem. I am a noob, and I did a search, and there seems to be a few others with similar problems, but no solution.

I am getting a ton of errors, all like this one:

Notice: Undefined property: lastRSS::$cache_dir in /opt/lampp/htdocs/include/lastRSS.php on line 58

That line says:
if( $_GET['clean_cache'] == 'true' ) {
// clean up
$cache = new cacheMgr;

I am brand new to PHP (ITS SO COOL) and I am trying to set up a Zazzle store.

I bought hosting services and when I load my site from there it has no problems. I'm running Linux.

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Re: Undefined property: lastRSS::$cache_dir

Postby Wiedmann » 23. August 2009 11:34

You must ask the Zazzle store support what's the problem. We don't know anything about their software and code.
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