absolutely need admin rights for file edition?

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absolutely need admin rights for file edition?

Postby spir » 04. August 2009 08:42


new to xampp. Installed it on a ubuntu linux box mainly to learn programming dynamic webpages with php.

Now, it seems that
-1- xampp/lampp can only run when installed inside /opt/lampp
-2- php pages must be saved inside /[lampp path]/htdocs

So that (correct me if I'm wrong) file edition needs to be done using admin/root rights only to be able to save them into a non-user directory. This seems odd to me. On a ubuntu box, it require launching an editor using the su password
Do you know any workaround?

-1- Is there a way to make xampp work from another dir such as /home/me/tools/lampp?
-2- Is there a way to tell xampp to find pages in another dir such as /home/me/prog/php?

Thank you,
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Re: absolutely need admin rights for file edition?

Postby utan » 04. August 2009 18:50

Well , if you are like me, a windows user, you want to install webmin, its easy and works like champ, I can edit and do whatever i want with it, you can use https:// if you are afraid of eavesdropping getting into your system...
I dont have to mess with sudo thing anymore, well had to do before installing webmin.... so think about it..... :twisted:
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thanks a lot..
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