LAMPP's cURL unable to resolve hosts

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LAMPP's cURL unable to resolve hosts

Postby bkanber » 22. July 2009 04:22

Hey guys,

I'm having some trouble with curl on a LAMPP install. I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty. I have a similar install, and it all worked fine.

My "normal" curl (ie, the one installed from apt-get) works fine when I run, say "curl" from the command line.

However, running curl EITHER from PHP or from the following command: "/opt/lampp/bin/curl" returns "curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host ''".

I don't know where to look, really (I'm just a lowly programmer, not really a sysadmin). My /etc/resolv.conf looks something like:
# Generated by NetworkManager
domain rnxn4ps
search rnxn4ps

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: LAMPP's cURL unable to resolve hosts

Postby caltuna » 01. August 2009 22:32

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