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How much disk space?

PostPosted: 18. July 2009 13:45
by Howard Kaikow
How much disk space do I need to install XAMPP for Linux?

Should /opt be in a separate partition?

I've not really been a Linux user. I installed Ubuntu 7.04 2+ years ago. Last night I deleted that install, and intend to install 9.04.

This time, I was thinking that /boot and /home should be in different partitions.

So, if we ASSuME that I do not want to use more than, say, 40GB, how should I divide that amongst /boot, /home, /opt and the swap partition?

Due to space constraints, all partitions will be on the same physical drive.

Re: How much disk space?

PostPosted: 22. July 2009 18:51
by glitzi85
SF downloads are broken at the moment, so i can not try how much space XAMPP would need.

Partition is depending on how you want to use this computer. Is this a development machine or an production server? How many users will work on this computer and will they have their websites in the home directory? Swap should be same as RAM (e.g. 2GB RAM = 2GB Swap) unless you have a very old machine. /opt is depending on your XAMPP usage. If you keep the logs in the xampp directory, they will grow quite quickly. Same thing with MySQL.