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Change port 80

PostPosted: 12. July 2009 08:05
by frienz
Hello, so I have read the post I could find on the search and they have not helped me.

I went into the httpd.conf and changed it to , Listen 8080 so i could use a diffrent port because my ISP blocks 80.
I have also tried putting Listen 8080 on a seprate line because i read that may help.

Reguardless of what I try xampp keeps using port 80

and yes I have restarted the servers/xampp

Has anyone encountered this that can help?

Thank you.

Re: Change port 80

PostPosted: 12. July 2009 19:17
by glitzi85
You changed
Code: Select all
Listen 80

Code: Select all
Listen 8080

and then restarted XAMPP? Do you use VirtualHosts?


Re: Change port 80

PostPosted: 01. August 2009 05:08
by Red Dragon
what you could do is use some of these DNSs have port 80 redirect like