Question about importing databases

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Question about importing databases

Postby eldert » 09. July 2009 12:10

Hi apache friends,

A couple of days ago my lampp refused to work. I encounterd many errors and i have spent a lot of time to solve it, when i fixed the first error the next one stepped in line.
Anywayz, i decided to move the /opt/lampp dir to a backup location. I downloaded and unpacked a new lampp installation in /opt/lampp/.

The only important data in my old xampp backup are the sql databases etc. Is there a way to import the databases from the lampp backup to my fresh installation?

I don't have .sql import files created. I just have the full dir of my old installation, there must be a way to add this data to my new installation i figur

Awaiting your reply!

Regards from a confused xampp user
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Re: Question about importing databases

Postby glitzi85 » 09. July 2009 12:47

Try to copy the mysql data folder to the new location. I don't have LAMPP here, so I can just guess. Look if you can find something in /opt/lampp/mysql/data

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