Install XAMPP over an existent (functioning) Host

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Install XAMPP over an existent (functioning) Host

Postby mnobre » 12. December 2003 00:25

Suppose that I already have in my notebook the Apache + Php + MySql installed, and I want to upgrade my Php (that is an 4.2.x version).

Can I use xampp to do this ?

The xampp will not destroy what that I have already been installing and working?


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Postby Oswald » 12. December 2003 11:19

Dear MNobre!

XAMPP installs only into /opt/lampp. And nowhere elso. So it wouldn't destroy anything.

But to run XAMPP you've to stop your "old" MySQL and Apache.

You also need to copy your HTML files into /opt/lampp/htdocs or alternatively change the XAMPP-Apache configuration to point at your "old" Apache htdocs directory.

Greetings and good luck
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Postby Philip » 08. January 2004 19:42

On a similar note, I am running SuSE 9 which utilizes Yast to configure the http server. Having sucessfully installed Xampp (great installation and documentation by the way), upon configuration it does not see apache as having all of the necessary files, installs them and as a result starts the newly configured version of apache which disables the xampp installation upon reboot. I presume there is a way to prevent the version of apache that Yast installed from running on startup (I haven't referred to the Apache documentation as of yet) but will doing so disable all of the http settings that Yast enabled since it appears that it wants to see apache in a certain directory? Yast will not let me in to the admin panel unless I choose to install these apache files.

Now I would ordinarily not care to mess with anymore configurations other than the initial Xampp install but in order to configure http access permissions I need to access the administrative aspects of the Yast control panel. My desired end result is to create virtual hosting directories and play around with them as well as to utilize the installation as a testing server for php applications.

Any ideas what I should do?
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