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Postby TVA » 01. June 2009 18:19


I installed xamp 1.7.1 on ubuntu 8.04.
When I connect on localhost, no problem.
When I want enter phpmyadmin, I have this message "PHP 5.2+ is required"

There is so many PHP in synaptic !
I have installed PHP5 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.6
PHP5-cli, PHP5-common, PHP5-dev, PHP5-curl, PHP5-cgi

Is allways the same message. Wath programm have-I to install ?


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Re: PHP2+

Postby Wiedmann » 02. June 2009 20:55

I installed xamp 1.7.1 on ubuntu 8.04.

And is Apache from this XAMPP package running?
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