Install Linux Xamp on XP with CoLinux, Cygwin

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Install Linux Xamp on XP with CoLinux, Cygwin

Postby stgeorge » 26. May 2009 11:35

I have a computer I wish to use as a Server for a couple of my Websites.
It is a Pentium III, 20 GB HD, 256Ram with XP home edition (FAT32).
I do not wish to install a Linux Distro.
I installed XAMPP for windows but it will be no use to me as it will not publish Joomla, Drupal or any sites that require CHMOD to safeguard the files, these sites will give out SQL errors as the permissions cannot be set under the above windows environment.
I have Cygwin and CoLinux installed and can create a partition for the Linux version of XAMPP that I would like to install to a dedicated Linux partition that will also contain the web files and folders.
At the moment the internet connection sharing is working on the above computer, (I will not use a router), and all the other four computers in use in this network environment connect through the above computer. The cygwinX is also working and I have not yet got to grips with CoLinux but have installed it and get the interface.
I looked at the Ubuntu Server but I do not think it will be of much use as I have got Ubuntu as a dual boot on a client machine but rarely use it as it is a mare to network. That has put me off a linux distro for now, basically I just use it as a Jukebox because I like Amarok.
After spending the day configuring XAMPP yesterday I finally realised that the Windows edition will be of no use as already explained above. OK for static html but no use at all for CMS, (unless I have missed something).
I have installed these sites on various hosts, but of course they were all Unix hosts.
I have tar.gz the sites from one host to another and from one mysql to another after changing the configuration.php files to suit.
But they will not work within windows XAMPP.

So the Goal is:

Partition the hard drive for a Linux XAMPP.

Install Linux XAMPP to the Linux partition.

Run XAMPP through CoLinux on the XP OS, with the aid of cygwinX if required.

I would really appreciate any ideas out there as I wish to Host a couple of CMS websites on the above computer. As I am not really much good with Linux, tried all sorts of distros and end up pulling my hair out. So really I suppose I am asking for guidance on how to achieve what I need to do to get these sites working.
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