Django with XAMPP

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Django with XAMPP

Postby Exolun » 18. May 2009 17:22

Hello folks,

I've recently been asked by my work to create a website using Django, with XAMPP as the web hosting service and XAMPP's MySQL as the database engine. Since I started, I've been having great difficulty getting Django configured to run with XAMPP. MySQL-Python, mod_python, and mod_wsgi have all proven difficult to install, even after specifying --with-apxs=/opt/lampp/bin/apxs during installation.

This website is most likely going to be hosted on an existing system that already has XAMPP running another (PHP driven) website, so it would be ideal to configure Django to work with XAMPP, rather than having to switch over to a standard Apache installation.

Does anyone know the proper procedure to set up a Django with a LAMPP server?
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