how to disable xampp security

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how to disable xampp security

Postby punk4pinki » 22. April 2009 05:57

these XAMPP pages are no longer accessible by network for everyone status SECURE
i have password for xampp pages set with user name lampp but i dont want to enable it as when u fresh install xampp on ur linux machine it wont access with password untill u set it how can i set it back????
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Re: how to disable xampp security

Postby gsd247 » 25. June 2009 12:35

Try sudo /opt/lampp/lampp security if ur Os is LINUX
by this you can re set all the passwords.
But this is NOT d solution,
after this it still asks for the username (i.e., lampp) :(
I am still trying out the alternate solution.
Hope this was useful :roll:
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