Index.php overwritten on upgrade

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Index.php overwritten on upgrade

Postby aardWolf » 15. April 2009 19:49

I just upgraded to LAMPP 1.7.1, and it overwrote my index.php! How annoying!
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Re: Index.php overwritten on upgrade

Postby Nobbie » 15. April 2009 20:58

And you did not backup your server before? How thoughtlessly!
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Re: Index.php overwritten on upgrade

Postby Oswald » 15. April 2009 21:21

Hi aardWolf!

Thanks for your quick reaction. Yes, that's bad and not the way it supposed to be. :( I just removed the buggy upgrade and will replace it soon with a working one.

I hope you can get back your original index.php somehow?


UPDATE: The new and proper working upgrade file is named xampp-linux-upgrade-1.7.0-1.7.1.tar.gz.
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