tutorial needed for setting up https with xampp

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tutorial needed for setting up https with xampp

Postby pbgswd » 09. April 2009 03:25

Hi I have looked at a number of tutorials on the web about setting up ssl (https) in the xampp environment. It seems like there is nothing out there on this issue - I want to see and test my php pages that require https protocol. Not having it means eventually that there are a long list of hacks that make it difficult to mirror the website with the live server.

Also, there seem to be differences in the source files in my xampp and what is presented in tutorials. Hammering out differences between my software and the tutorials is endless. Im still failing; I still need it.

I have spent many hours and days on this issue, I havent figured it out - its quite complex and there are exceptions when apache is running below /opt/lamp..........

Anyways, the fact that it has not been done yet is maybe because:

- nobody does it
- its not done often
- its difficult
- its never done, its impossible

the only other way I can think to test https on a local is by using a virtual machine instance of the server and I would have conventional instructions for setting up ssl for https pages.

Somehow, this needs to be done.
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Re: tutorial needed for setting up https with xampp

Postby skuipers » 17. April 2009 16:55

Please let us know what your problem is. F.i. at http://www.digicert.com/ssl-certificate-installation-apache.htm you can find an introduction how to implement an https-based Apache environment.
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