sth. about recompile XAMPP on Linux

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sth. about recompile XAMPP on Linux

Postby useronce » 31. March 2009 08:54


I have a question about how to recompile the XAMPP on Linux ( e.g CentOS5.3 ).
i mean, get the sources from net and built them one by one.

i try to get some information from XAMPP's sourceforge, but nothing found about this.

please help me, any suggestion appreciate. :D
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Re: sth. about recompile XAMPP on Linux

Postby Nobbie » 31. March 2009 09:15

1) this is the wrong board, the english boards are on the bottom of the page

2) the Xampp source is not delivered, as it contains of many single tools (Apache, PHP, MySQL) which can be downloaded separately (incl. source)
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