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can not log in to database

PostPosted: 18. March 2009 22:01
by berryboy
hello i recently made a post where i thought i was had been 'hacked' though i don't think this is the case any more

i removed xamp, and installed a fresh copy set up all my passwords everything! logged in to phpmyadmin created my database and put my site back in place, with everything running fine.
but once i rebooted im back to the same problem. the site can not use the database and neither can, entering the password in phpmyadmin simply fleshes the page please i realy need some help with this.

noticed this in error.log after start up
Code: Select all
[warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) `localhost' does NOT match server name!?

Re: can not log in to database

PostPosted: 20. March 2009 09:04
by berryboy
fixed, i had adjusted the the max upload size of php.ini, which was causing all these problems

although not before i binned xamp, i would recommend people getting the proper packages rather than using this xamp/wamp/lamp.
there's basically no support, no help no nothing, where as with the other packages u get updates, and if you go to the relevant sites plenty of help!