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using LAMPP

PostPosted: 13. March 2009 17:59
by jacobthetechy
ok so im very new to linux. i was able to install xampp on my machine by some act of GOD. anyway i pulled up firefox and went to localhost and xampp came up. now i have some php code that im wanting to test out and i cant find out how to run my files through localhost.....HELP!!!

Re: using LAMPP

PostPosted: 15. March 2009 19:39
by jacobthetechy
ok so i know that on the windows version i can put my php webpages in the www folder and then go to localhost to run them. how do i do that in the linux version of xampp

Re: using LAMPP

PostPosted: 16. March 2009 22:25
by leanime
i dunno the answer to that one buddy. if i find somethin' i'll let you know. i do find it weird that you have so many views and no posts except yourself or me, which is pretty bad that you have to respond to yourself to clarify any more info, and people still don't know an answer. there is someone out there with it though and if they are friendly enough maybe you won't have to wait too long for an answer. good luck!

Re: using LAMPP

PostPosted: 18. March 2009 19:17
by berryboy
im running lampp on ubuntu and the root of the web server is the htdocs folder, just place your files in there then u can load them up from your browser

i installed on defaults which places htdocs here: opt/lampp/htdocs

you can move the root of the server if you want, by going into

opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf and changing

DocumentRoot "/opt/lampp/htdocs"
<Directory "opt/lamp/htdocs"> (just scroll down can't miss it!)