How to enable GZIP pre-compressed static html/js pages?

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How to enable GZIP pre-compressed static html/js pages?

Postby Dimedrol » 12. March 2009 09:48


I need to use GZIP pre-compressed html/js on my website,
running on my linux installation of XAMPP.

It is very famous technique to reduce site traffic and increase huge page loading speed.
In my case it is GWT's html and js scripts.

For example, on my www I have a "test1.html.gz" file which is GZIP compressed "test1.html".

In my ".htaccess" I use well known configuration to enable this GZIP trick (see - ... ages_zippy )
and browser tries to send me this .GZ file, when I type "http://remote_serv/test1.html".
Mod_rewrite rules work as should.

This GZIP trick isn't working for me on XAMPP linux installation, but do work on some other web hosting provider's servers.

My browser tries to download this file (test1.html.gz) as unknown type, instead of opening it as HTML.

By default we have commented line in our Apache 2.x in "httpd.conf":

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#LoadModule deflate_module modules/

I have uncomment this line and restart XAMPP server, but - no luck.

Well known gzip test ( ) still says -

http://remote_serv/test1.html is not gzipped

Maybe there are some other dependencies?!

How to get this work?
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