XAMPP behind HTTP Proxy

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XAMPP behind HTTP Proxy

Postby digitalvampire » 22. February 2009 10:55

I've successfully installed XAMPP (1.7) on a Debian Linux box to be used as my Intranet webserver running Joomla CMS.

In my intranet environment, the web access is available through an HTTP proxy at port 8080 and requires authentication (USER, PASSWORD).

How do I allow XAMPP/Apache to connect through this HTTP proxy so that Joomla can access RSS feeds from the internet?

Please note that there is no need for the intranet joomla site to be available over the internet, but the requirement is for Joomla/Apache to grab information from the internet.

Any tips on this would help even if it needs to run XAMPP on a windows box.

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Re: XAMPP behind HTTP Proxy

Postby Wiedmann » 22. February 2009 11:48

so that Joomla can access RSS feeds from the internet?... through this HTTP proxy

You must ask this question the Joomla support. (Apache is not involved in your problem)
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