PHP application on Xampp server

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PHP application on Xampp server

Postby mikkey24 » 19. February 2009 13:38

Hi, I am sorry if this not the right forum for my question..

I have installed xampp server on my ubuntu machine and running one php application
I want to know that how can I deploy another php application on the same xampp server?
will i encounter any problem like host name database related etc.?

please help

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Re: PHP application on Xampp server

Postby dmphotography » 20. February 2009 02:05

Hey mikkey24,

First off, please post more details regarding what PHP scripts you are running and wanting to run and how you wish to do so.
You need to create a new database for the new script, which as long as you do that, you shouldn't have any conflicts with it. And as far as adding a new script, just make sure you don't install it directly in the same folder as you have already installed the other.

For example, if you put your first script in your htdocs folder, then you would need to put your second one in a new sub-folder in htdocs. You can place it in a completely different location, but that will take more configuring than doing it in a sub-folder.

Post more details on what you're trying to do and someone will be able to better assist you.
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