xampp webmin virtualmin install sequence in ubuntu

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xampp webmin virtualmin install sequence in ubuntu

Postby BlueKnight » 08. February 2009 13:28

I am wanting to set up a local web server for multi-site development on a x86 box running ubuntu 8.10. Is there a best sequence for the installs of xampp webmin and virtualmin? What dependencies need to be installed first? (this is a clean install of ubuntu desktop 8.10) Are there known problems between the packages in this environment?

John Meiser
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Postby dmphotography » 20. February 2009 02:27

Hey BlueKnight,
I've taken a glance at Webmin and I don't recommend using it with XAMPP because of how it's set up to work. It is setup to access the debian/ubuntu repositories and they will not properly integrate with XAMPP because XAMPP doesn't install according to Debian requirements.

In other words, I recommend using the Synaptic Package Manager and install Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL server, and phpMyAdmin. It's as easy to install (if not easier) as XAMPP and will integrate better with Webmin.

As far as installing Webmin itself, it's really simple to install and I'll make a quick tutorial showing how to do so if you would like.
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