Xampp with TCL installed [Answered]

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Xampp with TCL installed [Answered]

Postby calvinkart » 22. January 2009 12:28

I'd like to know if there is any Xampp package with TCL language assembled. All instalations i've tried use compiled apache (mod_tcl, rivet, etc.)
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Re: Xampp with TCL installed

Postby bcb1999 » 16. April 2012 19:37

I am also interested in getting tcl either as part of the XAMPP package, or a way to extend the package myself to include it. We have been using AOLServer with tcl pages for awhile now, and I am trying to move things over to an Apache server with as little short-term fuss as possible (re-coding everything to PHP will eventually happen, but more long-term).

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Re: Xampp with TCL installed

Postby JonB » 27. April 2012 21:24

you 'might' be able to get it to work as a CGI. Its unsupported, and all on you.


CGI is a method of running executables on remote servers. Its how Perl is often implemented. (in the event you did not know that)

Good Luck with your project.
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