No Success with Xampp or Synaptic in Ubuntu

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No Success with Xampp or Synaptic in Ubuntu

Postby Artaudo » 15. January 2009 20:36

I've noticed that some people have viewed my issue, but not responded. I know it's lengthly, but I am trying to be thorough. I don't know what else to say, I am relying on this forum allow, checking every 20 minutes to see who has responded. I go thorugh the forums and perform ther operations to install xampp on Ubuntu, and I get the same result. There is no reason to provide the result here because its the same every damn time. NOT PERMISSION. I'm quite exasperated.

I even have gone to the synaptic package manager and gone through the wizard/process of downloading/installing separately, Apahce, Php, Mysql ...the only result I get is the same one. The only Phpmyadmin that exists is in the Lampp folder on the stupid desktop that I can't get into /opt. I've really got to get this going. I've got projects to get going... I'd be happy to help others once I'm up and running.
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Re: No Success with Xampp or Synaptic in Ubuntu

Postby stanzo » 15. January 2009 23:47

Did you switch to root user (sudo -i) before installing?
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