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Need help installing phpmotion 2.1 in Ubuntu 8.10

PostPosted: 01. January 2009 16:41
by dmphotography
Hey everyone,
I recently decided to take on a new project and try to get phpmotion installed and working on Ubuntu 8.10.
Since there are no complete idiot guides for a total step-by-step guide to installing it from start to finish, I figured I'd be the idiot to make one and learn in the process.
The thing I enjoy about doing these projects is the fact so many people selflessly give their time and effort into helping others figure it out.
That's why I keep doing these projects and I'm learning a lot in the process of doing so. I just wish I could find where someone else has already done what I'm doing.
My goal is to create a tutorial (probably a video) using my notes to show a step-by-step guide to installing everything from Ubuntu, to XAMPP, to phpmotion and anyone with very little knowledge can follow and perhaps save others like myself several countless hours figuring out the problems encountered and how to resolve them. I know several people just pay phpmotion people to install it for them, but you don't learn anything doing that and it's gonna cost you again if you decide to install it on a different server.

Ok, now I tried installing phpmotion with Windows Server 2003, but I've hit a dead end with it and decided to give it a try on Linux since it was designed to be ran on a Linux-based server. Needless to say, I'm not very familiar with Linux and it's been a major challenge so far. I've played with Ubuntu a little prior to this task, so that's why I've chosen it due to familiarity. Since I built my webserver using XAMPP for Windows, I decided it was perhaps the best choice to keeping it simple when it came to setting up one in Linux. So here's an overview of what I have so far:

* I installed Ubuntu 8.10 in VMware (this way it is in an experimental environment and can be scrapped if it all goes wrong. LOL.)
* I installed and configured XAMPP for Linux 1.7 as per the installation instructions.
* I've downloaded the latest version of phpmotion v2.1.

I've documented everything very well in my notes, which here's the links for those. (Ignore the domain name, I bought it as a joke and then decided to use it for my server project.)

Here's the notes on how I installed XAMPP 1.7 on Ubuntu 8.10 :
This installation when well and I have no problems at all with it. I posted it as a "just-in-case" measure.

Here's the notes on how I am installing phpMotion 2.1 and where I'm getting stuck at:

I really appreciate any help I can get on this.

What I really hope for is that someone willing to invest a little time and do an experimental install as I have and perhaps correct me on any methods I've done wrong and to hopefully figure out the correct way to do this install and get it working. All I ask is please make detailed notes/explanations on why something was changed or how you did it so myself as well as others can follow along.
Upon completing this, I intend to compile my notes and write a really nice guide to how to successfully do this install.

The biggest challenge I ran into is finding directions to install ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, mplayer, mencoder, flv2tool, lame mp3 encoder on my server. phpmotion offers nothing on this, other than metioning it's required on the server you will be installing phpmotion on.

All of the other guides I found in regards to this are mostly a few years old or not pertaining to Ubuntu specifically. There were apps I had to install to obtain certain programs mentioned in the tutorials I read that were not automatically included in Ubuntu 8.10 and they have been added in my notes.

Once again, I greatly appreciate anyone willing to help me with this project and especially those with the desire to see it completed and running.

On a side note, anyone willing to assist me with future projects such as this for the sake of making idiot how-to guides, I would greatly appreciate it. Please visit my forum and post there that you're willing to help. My goal is to make a few thourough how-to guides on running your own web server and also how to install and configure different free components such as forums, blogs, and even apps like phpmotion. I've so far made tutorials for Windows on installing and configuring XAMPP, how to setup multiple web sites & domains on the same server (in Windows), and how to install phpBB on your XAMPP server.

Since there are variations with Linux, I hope to make the same tutorials for Linux, although my understanding is very limited on configuring Linux correctly.