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xampp phpsuexec

PostPosted: 14. December 2008 15:08
by loveunit
Hi -

I've been using xampp about a year, firstly on windows, now I run it from Ubuntu, my server is linux.

I was having lots of problems with permissions on my server due to my php code generating, editing and deleting file - the file owner / group was always nobody - as this is how php was running, so my host suggested reinstalling PHP in PHPsuexec as an apache module, which has fixed all the issues.

however, my local machine using xampp still has these permission issues - I wanted to know if it is possible to change some settings to stop PHP running under user nobody when using xampp?

thanks in advance.

Re: xampp phpsuexec

PostPosted: 14. December 2008 16:12
by glitzi85
PHP is running under the same user as Apache (in default XAMPP configuration). Open the file /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf and change

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User nobody
Group nogroup

to whatever you want. Then stop apache, modify rights on all necessary folders in lampp and start Apache again.