Help FTP wont stop anymore

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Help FTP wont stop anymore

Postby Reputer » 17. February 2003 21:42

Help when i do
[root@repute root]# /opt/lampp/lampp stopftp
/opt/lampp/lampp: line 257: kill: (1427) - No such process
LAMPP: Stopping ProFTPD...

Pro FTP Wont stop i also can not connect anymore?
What couldt be the problem im using lampp 0.9.8pre1 on redhat 8.0...

Postby Morpheus » 17. February 2003 21:50

Am I right, that your computer says ProFTP is still running, but you can't access the service anymore?

If this is right, ProFTP has already stopped, but one file is still indicating, that ProFTP is still running.
There must be a file name in /opt/lampp/var.
Delete this file and you can start ProFTP again.
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Great thanx

Postby Reuter » 18. February 2003 11:20

Cool dude thx for your awnser...

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