Xampp x GD::Simple

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Xampp x GD::Simple

Postby gotyca » 29. October 2008 17:40

I'm having a big problem! I wrote a web tool in perl and I'm trying to make it work on the web. The problem is that is work when I call the program from command line (inside the server) but when I try to call it from the web site, it's impossible, php give me a error.
This tool uses a cpan GD::Simple, and I'm pretty sure that the problem has something to do with this module, because when I comment it, every thing works fine. The server uses xampp, I know it isn't the best choice, but I can't do anything, the admin thinks its very nice.
There is anyu problem between xampp and perl modules? Do I have to change any perl modules permission to let it work to apache? I'm really without ideas. Somebody can help me? Thanks!
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