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[Resolved]Out connexions are impossible

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 12:37
by th1alb

I'm on Linux Ubuntu and i'd correctly configured my firewall on port 80 on my box.
I can connect me to but i can't with internet IP adress.

Can you help me please ?

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 12:46
by Wiedmann
but i can't with internet IP adress.

Woks correct...

I guess you have a NAT router and want connect from your local pc/server throught the wan ip of your router with your server (you don't want connect to the lan ip of the server)?

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 12:54
by th1alb
Ty for your fast answer.

I'm under NAT and i'm trying that with my local server machine.
Does it work for you ?

It say : connecting to but nothing appen.

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 12:57
by Wiedmann
Does it work for you ?


It say : connecting to but nothing appen.

That's normal for nat router, if you want access the external router interface from a lan pc.

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 13:01
by th1alb
Ok thank you.
it will be diffucult for my tests but i will do with that.


PostPosted: 23. October 2008 13:04
by Wiedmann
it will be diffucult for my tests

You can use the proxy from your ISP the test external connections.

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 13:06
by th1alb
i don't really know how to do that

It could be great to help me because i need to test something like that :

i've a external host ( with a index.php that include :
<img src=myIP/img.php?pic=picture.jpg>

when i use my host have another IP but it send my one... hummm difficult to explain so it doesn't work when i test.

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 13:19
by th1alb
Ok i found a list of easy proxy !

thx !

PostPosted: 23. October 2008 13:21
by Wiedmann
A better solution is to ask your ISP (Free SAS/ProXad) if he have running a proxy for its customers.