What Distribution of Linux Should I Use?

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What Distribution of Linux Should I Use?

Postby jzimmerlin » 08. October 2008 07:08

I'm a web developer looking to put some flavor of Linux and XAMPP on a spare computer I have lying around. I've used the PC version of XAMPP, but ran into a few problems with it not supporting certain things, so I want to switch to Linux so that my development server will more closely resemble the production server.

I'm pretty good with computers, but have never really used Linux. I'm looking for a user friendly Linux distribution that'll work well with XAMPP. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your help,
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Postby x300 » 08. October 2008 11:00

It sounds like Ubuntu is something for you. That was the first Linux dist that I used. It's easy to use and install, and comes with most applications and drivers.

It's available in both a desktop version and a server version.

For more information, see www.ubuntu.com. I can pretty much guarantee that after a couple of months you'll have Ubuntu on every computer that you own! That's what happend to me...

Good luck :)
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Postby glitzi85 » 08. October 2008 11:58


in your case i would recommend something without graphical Desktop, as you will not have this on a production machine.

I am using Debian on all of my machines. The Installation is quite simple, just do not select any Desktop stuff on the package selection page.

If you want it really user friendly, you can use Ubuntu like recommended by x300. It is also based on Debian, so most tutorials you can find on the net for Debian will match also on Ubuntu.

When using Ubuntu and you are familiar with Linux after a while you can switch to a Runlevel without Desktop and work like on a real server machine.

It's also depending on what hardware you have in this machine. If it is pretty old then i would recommend something without Desktop, as this will make it really slow. Otherwise you could also take something like XUbuntu. I installed it on an old Laptop of an colleague (PIII, 256MB Ram) and it was still convenient to work with it.

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Postby jzimmerlin » 08. October 2008 22:29

Ah well, as much as I want the development machine to be similar to the production machine, I'll still probably need a graphical user interface as I have very little Linux experience. So I'll give Ubuntu a try. Thanks for the advice!
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