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php zip extension

PostPosted: 07. November 2003 10:45
by char_seven

First I must say that the xampp dist. is very great since
I have never been suceed compiling apache 2 with php 4 :)

I'm using php zip extension for my website, to browse zip archives. Since I upgrade
my apache using xampp, I lose my zip extension. The easy way, I take the
from a rpm red-hat distribution for apache2, and load it as an extension. It works, but
I think that the apache memory load is higher now than before.

So, I just hoping that the xampp team will add the zip extension
into the next release of xampp, or is there already any zip extension for xampp.
If there is, please tell me.

Thank you very much.[/img][/b]

PostPosted: 07. November 2003 11:42
by Oswald
Hi char seven!

It sould be absolute okay if you use your "old" extension.

But ZIP support seems to be a good idea and I will add it to the next version of XAMPP.

Greetings from Germany

PostPosted: 08. November 2003 02:24
by char_seven
OK, thanks for the reply.

I will be waiting for the next xampp release, :o
meanwhile, I'll be using my old