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Postby Steve » 06. November 2003 00:54

A much newer webmin version is out now. can this be integrated in to LAMPP?

is there an easy way to upgrade it?

i really should sign up to these forums :?

Postby Kristian Marcroft » 06. November 2003 02:56


you just login to Webmin.
clieck on "Webmin configuration" and then you click on "Upgrade Webmin"
The rest should actually be self explaining :)

If not please check back here...
I'm working on the english "HowTo" at the moment....
you could try and figure out what it means in German... ... n-Doku.pdf
Page 5

Just give it a try...
So long
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Postby Steve » 06. November 2003 15:59

I tried the upgrade from webmin but it seemed to stop LAMPP recognising it. i think it has somthing to do with the folder name changing. which just made me think: why didnt i trename the folder back to webmin

ok im being stupid again :? sorry

i will look at the FAQ anyway. if you need any help translating it i have some friends who speak near fluent german and who i could pursuade to help. although you seem to speak fluent english so i doubt you will need it.

Postby Nick Taylor » 03. February 2004 15:31

Just thought I'd say how brilliant webmin is!
I just downloaded the latest version on my 3 linux boxes, and it is fab'! :D :D :lol: 8)
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