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Where are the Apache login parameters stashed?

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 18:13
by JEofVA
Okay, apparently nobody is going to respond to my first message. How about if I ask my question a little differently.

As I said in the previous message, after I successfully installled XAMPP and ran the security script , which assigned passwords for XAMPP Pages, MySQL, MySQLAdmin, and the FTP client, I am presented with a login dialog when I try to access http://localhost. Actually, I get redirected to http://localhost/xampp, and then I get the login dialog. At any rate, none of the passwords that I set during the security setup allow me to get past that screen.

Does anyone know what files I should look at with my superuser account to find the correct Username and Password for that dialog?

FYI: I installed the Ubuntu Linux ver. 8.04 from CD.

Thanks for any help,