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Locked out after running the XAMPP security script

PostPosted: 11. September 2008 22:11
by JEofVA

I'm a Linux newbie, but have spent a couple of decades working under Windoze. I recently installed Ubuntu Linux ver. 8.04 from CD. I then downloaded XAMPP and installed it with no problems to speak of. However, after installing the XAMPP package, I followed the "Security" warning, and ran that script. I faithfully recorded all the passwords to the various packages that got them: XAMPP Pages, MySQL, MySQLAdmin, and the FTP thing. Nowhere during that process did it ask me for a username. After I successfully "securitized", I rebooted only to find that I could not start any of the new packages. The login window i got after going to the localhost in my browser rejects every variation of Username and Password I throw at it, including my superuser combination. Using my Superuser status, I went in and found the MySQLAdmin config scipt (opt/llampp/phpmyadmin/ and verified my password. I also saw two possibilities for a username, but neither of them made the combination work.

Does anyone have an idea how I should proceed?




PostPosted: 26. October 2008 03:03
by half21back

I had a friend who had the same problem.

Use the first password you put in when answering the first question for setting up security which was (Mac specific):

Your XAMPP pages are not secured by a password. Do you want to set a password?

You should be able to access the username through the security folder that came with install:

Windows: C:\path\to\files\xampp\security\xampp.users (open with text editor)

Mac: /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/lib/xampp.users (open with text editor)

Your username and password will be separated by a semicolon. Your password will be encrypted.

Default username is:


Hope this helps. I'm no expert, but just trying to share the love.

PostPosted: 26. October 2008 15:19
by JEofVA
Thank you for the reply, however I was able to finally get in a week or so after I wrote the original message. I finally figured out the right username and password. However, I appreciate the pointer... I'll check it out as soon as I can.