LAMPP and phpnuke ( iam a newbie)

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LAMPP and phpnuke ( iam a newbie)

Postby DaKine » 05. November 2003 06:53

Has anyone installed phpnuke on top of lampp? Will it work? If so, how can i do it! Thanks in advance for anyhelp!

I agree with a previous posting that this is the first package i've installed and it has worked the first go around! Many thanks to the creators!


Postby Kristian Marcroft » 05. November 2003 07:25


there should be an INSTALL or an README in the Archiv of phpNuke.
Read them, it should be explained in there how to install phpNuke.
And yes it is possible.
Normally you just have to extract phpNuke to /opt/lampp/htdocs
And cerate the SQL DB via phpMyAdmin.
Then call your Browser and do what the Pages want from you.

So long
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