Problem with Perl / Kareha imageboard

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Problem with Perl / Kareha imageboard

Postby BlueFusion » 27. August 2008 15:02

So I'm attempting to set up a Kareha imageboard, because it's the best option I've got (as is currently parked).
I have uploaded everything right, tried all reasonable perm settings.
I can read the index of my Kareha directory, but upon trying to access the I get a 403.
"You don't have permission to access /kareha/ on this server."
What could be causing this?
Since it's a 403 I thought of the possibility of a .htaccess screwing with things... but I have no idea which one or where it might be hiding.

Any ideas? Thanks a bunch. :)
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Re: Problem with Perl / Kareha imageboard

Postby lyut » 24. November 2010 18:57

What version of Kareha you use?
If the problem it's perl (But it's impossible beacuse here we have an 403) try to create and write on it:
Code: Select all
 print "Hello World.\n";

If it's blank perl is working, if it show you the code it isn't working.

403 Substatus Error Codes for IIS
403.1 - Execute access forbidden.
403.2 - Read access forbidden.
403.3 - Write access forbidden.
403.4 - SSL required.
403.5 - SSL 128 required.
403.6 - IP address rejected.
403.7 - Client certificate required.
403.8 - Site access denied.
403.9 - Too many users.
403.10 - Invalid configuration.
403.11 - Password change.
403.12 - Mapper denied access.
403.13 - Client certificate revoked.
403.14 - Directory listing denied.
403.15 - Client Access Licenses exceeded.
403.16 - Client certificate is untrusted or invalid.
403.17 - Client certificate has expired or is not yet valid.

P.S: Kareha author says: Do not use xampp for kareha.
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Re: Problem with Perl / Kareha imageboard

Postby lyut » 25. November 2010 20:09

Found the problem. You have permissions "777" of the .pl files that the server refuse. You should put 755 permissions, but i don't know how to do it on XAMPP.

Goog luck.
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